The White Stuff Is Back / by Phoebe Bean

Nancy and Dave (my godparents) are in Belize for the weekend, so all three of their dogs piled onto my bed last night and we woke up, almost too cozy, to snow falling outside the window. Somehow, when there’s snow on the ground, the freezing temperatures seem less intrusive and more justified. 

The dogs and I took a quick walk at lunch to explore the woods behind the Orvis HQ building and we were all filled with wintery excitement. Mikey was particularly exuberant about the fresh snow, and was tearing around like a complete maniac. The snow is already melting, but it looks like there’s more snow in the forecast for next week (yay!). The report for Sun Valley looks promising, too - hopefully there will be lots of good skiing over the holidays and Christmas will be white this year! Keeping my fingers crossed.