Back At It! / by Phoebe Bean

Wow, have these past few months been busy! For the first time since Christmas, I've finally had enough time over the last couple of days to edit photos and start writing again. Since my return to the West, life has been non-stop with lots of hard work and some great adventures. 

January and February were months that I had hoped to get a lot of skiing in, but the first lambs at the ranch arrived the week after Christmas and we were short-staffed, so I filled in when I wasn't working in the office. Although I soon became sleep deprived after many 20 hour days delivering lambs, hauling hay, and bottle-feeding in 12 degree weather, learning the ins and outs of lambing season was extremely valuable. I definitely have a much higher appreciation for what our herders do on a daily basis! I also enjoyed getting to know our ranch staff on a more personal level, and my rusty Spanish skills sharpened up quickly.


March and April were travel months; I somehow managed to get to Southern and Northern California, Arizona, Colorado, and Montana with just a few quick days back home in between trips to madly run errands and do as many loads of laundry as I had time for. Thankfully, most of my travels were fun adventures of some sort.

In California, I watched my sister ride in Thacher's gymkhana horse events (until she sprained her ankle and took a break from riding), and finished packing up the rest of my belongings in San Francisco to bring to Idaho. 

Arizona included a visit to my grandfather's house in Phoenix as well as my cousin's graduation in Prescott, which turned into a big family reunion.

I visited my college roommate and friends in Colorado, and had a fun (and wet) afternoon on the South Platte. 

Montana, as per usual, was a blast. I had the time of my life at the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula - it was so great to see the folks I worked with from the Orvis HQ in Vermont and to reconnect with old fishing buddies! Right after OGR, I embarked on the wildest photo shoot for Orvis with three other awesome ladies in the Yellowstone region. I don't think I've ever consumed that much caffeine in such a short period of time. 

Now that I'm back in Sun Valley, the next few weeks will be geared towards getting ready for the fishing season to open up again and I'll be splitting my time between Lava Lake and the Picabo Angler. I'm really looking forward to guiding on Silver Creek this summer, which is where I learned how to fish when I was a young'un! Kind of feels like I've come full-circle. 

Look out for some great new content in the next few days - Ray Wolfram from Wildrum Kennels will be guest blogging for me about his experiences with griffons!