An Evening Romp Between Storms / by Phoebe Bean

The Wood River Valley's dry spell has been broken at last! The first rainstorms came through late last week and have miraculously continued. The weather forecast indicates that the storms may continue for yet another week, which would be phenomenal. Although it's a blessing to be receiving all this much-needed moisture, the rain presents a couple of disruptions to the Bean household. And, what a surprise, both predicaments revolve around the dogs. 

A beautiful hike with the dogs in Sun Valley a few hours before the first storm hit. 

A beautiful hike with the dogs in Sun Valley a few hours before the first storm hit. 

The first and foremost issue is that Ginger is absolutely, 100% terrified of thunderstorms. She goes berserk. There are few words that can describe how anxious and upset she becomes; I have to medicate her with doggy valium on occasion just so that she doesn't tear the house apart. I feel badly for Ginger because, of course, no one wants to see their dog in distress, but there are nights when I don't sleep because she is panting, pacing, whining, and jumping on and off the bed excessively. 

Less severe but equally annoying is the second issue. Since Ginger and Cricket are house dogs, the cleanliness of our floors, carpets, and furniture is highly dependent on when the girls' latest baths were and whether the ground outside is dry. Usually, it's remarkably easy to keep the house in order and looking presentable; however, with all of this rain, the mud season that we all thought we had escaped this year has arrived in full force. Hiking now means muddy house, muddy car seats, muddy paws, muddy everything... C'est la vie. 

Yesterday evening, there was a rare pause in the rain so I took the dogs for a quick walk around the neighborhood and brought my camera along. Everything was vibrantly green and smelled wonderfully fresh - it was such a treat. 

Ginger and Cricket seemed to sense the scarcity of the dry (ish) weather, and took full advantage of their time outside to play. It is always such a hoot to watch them romp through the grass together, pausing occasionally to sniff at the dandelions, and then tear off in a blur after a cottontail.