Wildrum Kennels: Train Smart, Train Often / by Phoebe Bean

Hello to the beanstream!

Ray Wolfram of Wildrum Kennels here as a guest blogger on Phoebe's great site. We are excited to be working with Phoebe and the beanstream to bring the upland community useful and entertaining content.

Everyone who knows Phoebe, knows that her love for a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon named Ginger runs deep. This is where the connection between Phoebe & I was formed - a common interest in a great breed of bird dog. So... Compliments of a crazy little concept called hashtags on Instagram, here we are blogging for the beanstream. 

First things first - a little back story about Wildrum Kennels... 

I grew up on a small farm in Northwestern Wisconsin, chasing squirrels, grouse and deer around our back forty and in the nearby vast acres of state land referred to as "The Blue Hills." Shortly after graduating from high school I invested in my first bird dog, a Brittany named Maggie. I spent some time working with a local professional trainer, doing everything from chores to roofing to assisting with training. For me, it was all about gaining knowledge and having access to training birds for my pup. Adding the years up since, my experience hunting with and training bird dogs goes back 20 years.

Wildrum Kennels was founded in 2003 with the purchase of our first Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Uplands Brave, AKA Brody. Brody had a hand in bagging lots of grouse over the next decade. He also played an integral role in producing some fantastic Griffon pups. 

Fast forward to 2015: We just completed the formation of a holding company, "Wildrums, LLC," and have registered two DBA's as 1) Wildrum Kennels and 2) Wildrums Media. This new component, Wildrums Media, will support a wide variety of projects. Our first major work will be our "Integrated Training Program" which will consist of three parts:

  1. The Training Toolbox
  2. Puppy Brilliance
  3. The Bird Dog Blue Print - Start to Finished

We're really excited to be bringing this program to the industry. Our aim is to help ensure everyone is successful in their endeavors with bird dogs. We will be collecting footage for another fun project this fall - "The Chequamegon Crusades..."

You can subscribe to our blog and also sign up to receive notifications as these projects are released by visiting our site at www.wildrum-kennels.com

Lots of folks ask about the name, Wildrums...

Our passion is Ruffed Grouse, the king of all game birds. The Ruffed Grouse is not able to be reared in pens or domesticated. This is not because the enthusiasts of the world have not tried. Ruffed Grouse simply do not survive in captivity - so it is, they are a truly WILD game bird. Then there is the spring mating ritual, where we northerners get to listen to the "beating of the drum" as the grouse court their potential partners by beating their wings on their chest at an ever-accelerating pace. It is said that they DRUM on their drumming logs to project the sound further into the forest. 

Daughter Lola and niece Ashley help out with the pups.

Last bit of content for this post - I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a couple of youngsters in our Kennel - and we'll take a look at getting these girls' feet wet for the first time.


  • 1 part Koda Bear
  • 1 Part Bella Bean
  • 1 Shallow Pond
  • 1 Hard Gravel Bottom

Run Pups 1 mile on 70+ degree day to heat to an adequate temperature and add water. Stir.

Variants for this recipe might include: 

  • Kibble for coaxing
  • Mother for confidence
  • Waders for gentle guidance
  • Toys for tossing

I look forward to sharing additional experiences in future posts on the beanstream.

Until then...

Train Smart, Train Often