Fabulous (Fishless) Evening / by Phoebe Bean

The fly shop I work and guide for has been busy over the past few days since the opener on Saturday! The rain has slowed down and the weather is warming up, which means that the mystical Brown Drake hatch is bound to start any day now. We all have our favorite Drake patterns tucked carefully into our fly boxes in anticipation!

On Monday evening after work I met my parents and a family friend, Michael, at the Silver Creek Preserve to check out the fishing and enjoy the beautiful weather. It was a bit blustery and we didn't see many rising fish, but being outside in a special place with great people and a couple of tall boys was enough.

When the light started to fade, my folks headed home so Michael and I drove to a different section of the creek to see if any Drakes had hatched. A couple of fish were rising sporadically, but there were NO Brown Drakes. 

The cloud cover allowed for a spectacular sunset; fish or no fish, the scenery alone made the whole evening worth our time.