The Pursuit of Congruence / by Phoebe Bean

Spring semester at the University of Montana is coming to an end and I am finding it harder and harder to avoid self-reflection. Although I somehow managed to do well in my classes, my course-load and commitments were, perhaps, too much to handle healthily and acknowledging that is painful. Rather than taking care of myself and setting boundaries, I pushed my own well-being aside to accommodate my chaotic schedule. I didn’t call doctors back. Spent free moments escaping to my computer rather than sleeping. Craved solitude instead of connection. Of course, not every moment of my life is going to be in line with my own self-concept, but isn’t it important to strive for congruence?

I suppose this post is intended to hold myself accountable moving forward. We all know that things come up and plans change; how we respond to adversity is what counts. I am drastically more kind to myself than I was a few years ago, but there is room for growth!