Wildhorse Canyon Hike by Phoebe Bean

The Pioneer Mountains offer endless opportunities for adventure in some of Idaho's wildest country. Including many of the state's highest peaks, the Pioneers draw all sorts of climbers, hikers, skiers, etc., and the high alpine lakes carved by glaciers long ago make the perfect camping destinations in the area. The fishing is pretty phenomenal, too, but I usually wait until the rivers are less turbid later in the summer...

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An Evening Romp Between Storms by Phoebe Bean

The Wood River Valley's dry spell has been broken at last! The first rainstorms came through late last week and have miraculously continued. The weather forecast indicates that the storms may continue for yet another week, which would be phenomenal. Although it's a blessing to be receiving all this much-needed moisture, the rain presents a couple of disruptions to the Bean household. And, what a surprise, both predicaments revolve around the dogs...

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Ranch Puppies! by Phoebe Bean

I’m back in Idaho for a few months (after a long, long drive across the country) and went out to the ranch last week with my mom to snap a few photos of the sheep for Lava Lake Lamb’s website. As we were passing one of the corrals, three white fluff balls came running out to greet us! 

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